In this post, I'll tell how you can install Ruby script language on Windows.
This post is made for 64-bits architecture's, but 32-bits is installing mostly same way.

Download and install

1. Download Ruby 2.0.0 x64 (
2. Double click Ruby setup icon, and follow setup wizard to forward. HOX! Remember tap on "Add Ruby executables to your PATH".
3. When setup is complete, run next command by command line:

> ruby -v

If you got response like: ruby 2.0.0p481, congratulations your Ruby works correctly! If not.. damn, then something went wrong..

Ruby DevKit

Ruby could use some native C/C++ extensions, so we need to install Ruby DevKit to get Ruby working as we would like it work.

Download Ruby development kit (, and extract it into Ruby path root (C:\Ruby200-x64\DevKit\).

Run next commands on command line:

> cd C:\Ruby200-x64\DevKit\
> ruby dk.rb init
> echo -- C:\Ruby200-x64 >> config.yml
> ruby dk.rb install

Now you should are able to run native C/C++ extensions by Ruby.